QPR Instructor Class scheduled for 3-14-19

Help Save a Life! Stop Veteran Suicide Become a QPR Gatekeeper Instructor

A Gatekeeper Instructor will be able to recognize and intervene in the event of suicidal contemplation as a gatekeeper would do but will also retain knowledge circumventing the scope of suicide, research and history relating to suicide prevention and the skills necessary to train individuals and groups as gatekeepers. Gatekeeper instructors should be in optimal positions to teach small and large groups as gatekeepers on a continuum (QPR Institute).

Next class is forming now

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VTVT Trains Numerous Motorcycle Organizations in Suicide Prevention. Endorsed by the Toombs family.

We are honored and grateful to report that VTVT had one of the most interactive and successful QPR Gatekeeper training ever thanks to our Host Theresa Botts from Spartan Alliance on Saturday February 2, 2019 at the Powell Community Center.

Veterans from the Powell community, Rolling Thunder Chapter 3, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and special surprised guest David and Susan Toombs. Susan and David are the surviving parents of Army Veteran John Toombs who committed suicide in November 2016.

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Almost 100 William Blount High School Staff Trained

Thanks to Lenville Sweet, Vet to Vet Tennessee presented QPR Suicide Prevention to the staff at William Blount High School, Maryville Tennessee during their in-service training on January 22, 2019.  Almost 100 attended!  We were advised by Assistant Principal Lisa Collins that almost 100% of the staff have been trained in suicide prevention at least twice but only one or two had QPR Gatekeeper training.  Tough audience knowing they have had previous training. 

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When Women Veterans Return Home

VA offers many readjustment solutions

Letting go of your active duty lifestyle can be tough, especially after returning home. Are you wondering how you fit in with your family, friends and loved ones? Do you feel alone and isolated or that your relationships aren’t as close as they used to be? If so, VA offers a variety of services to help women Veterans readjust to life at home. Learn more.

“US suicide rate in 2017 is the highest since the Great Depression era”

December 10, 2018  American Association of Suicidology’s

US Suicide: 2017 Final report.

For too long, suicide has been a taboo subject—but as rates continue to rise, this once private shame is becoming a public health crisis. It’s time to illuminate the darkness.

Tennessee is ranked 22nd; 1,166 suicide deaths at a rate of 17.4 compared to the national rate of 14.5.  Help us to make a difference and become a QPR Gatekeeper or Gatekeeper Instructor.

VA takes key step to improve its website to provide Veterans an enhanced digital customer experience

November 13, 2018

WASHINGTON — This week the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) took a key step in its digital modernization effort by revamping its website accessed by 10 million customers per month who use VA’s tools and content online.
To improve this experience VA’s Veterans Experience Office and VA Digital Service gathered feedback from more than 5,000 Veterans,service members, their families, caregivers and survivors. Many customers said they were having a frustrating experience, encountering a complicated collection of websites, forms, logins and tools.Through feedback, VA learned that many of them struggled to find what they needed. Continue reading “VA takes key step to improve its website to provide Veterans an enhanced digital customer experience”

Happy Veterans Day – “You’re Worth It!”

November 10, 2018 Blount County Tennessee.

The United Veterans of Blount County hosted Blount County’s  50th Veterans Day Celebration at Rio Revolution Church.  Special Guest speaker was  Lt. Col Army Ellison “Vic” Vickery gave an inspirational service and sacrifice speech.

Vic’s told us that he never felt comfortable responding to anyone who “thanked him for his service” until his wife suggested responding with “You’re worth it!”

Thank you Mrs. Vickery for your recommendation.

We are grateful to all who have served, whether in peacetime or in periods of conflict. Especially for those who have fought on the battlefield, those who continue to bear wounds both seen and unseen. We pray for physical healing and God’s peace in your life.

On behalf of the Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee we wish everyone a blessed and happy Veterans Day.