Pilot Youth Suicide Prevention Program Approved!

As of February 13, 2020, VTVT’s “Worth It” Suicide Prevention Youth Program has been unanimously approved in its entirety by the Monroe County School Board. The link to the School Board discussion is below. This is a three-phase suicide prevention program.

  1. Guidance Counselors – Guidance Counselors in every middle and high school will be trained as certified QPR Instructors as well as receive advance training for suicide screening and referral. Completed on January 6, 2020.
  2. Students – All middle and high school students will be trained as certified QPR Gatekeepers yearly. Begins March 3, 2020; to be complete by May 2020
  3. Community – Veteran Military Friendly Congregations within major cities of Monroe County will be hosting “Worth It” Suicide Prevention play with cast from the school students.  Play tentatively scheduled for May 2020.

We are extraordinarily grateful for the Monroe County Schools for accepting our pilot program to prevent suicide in youth.


We are grateful for all of your support, guidance and care.

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