Abstract submitted to the VA/DoD Veterans Suicide Prevention Conference

We are proud to announce that Vet to Vet Tennessee submitted an abstract to the VA/DoD Suicide Prevention Conference organizers on Friday, March 29, 2019.  We are so proud of our partners who have supported our Veteran Specific QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper training for the years it took to be able to submit an abstract about Veteran Suicide Prevention.

We did not become aware of the Conference or abstract request until we received MCA’s Newsgram from Executive Director Gen. Razz Waff on Wednesday March 27, 2019.   The deadline for the abstract was Friday March 29, 2019.  Little time to respond but we have two incredible members of the Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee, Emily Hager and Tiffany Peters.  Because of Emily and Tiffany, and a few doctorate student associates of Emily, the abstract was submitted on Friday afternoon. Click here to view the VTVT abstract.

March 29th was Vietnam Veterans Day and March 30th was the one year anniversary of Freddie Owens passing.  I know that Freddie provided us with the wherewithal to allow us the opportunity to submit the abstract.  Please pray that our efforts, mission and vision are recognized by other in helping to stop Veteran Suicide.

Thank you Emily, Tiffany and Razz. We are truly blessed. 

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